Camas County Schools ~ 610 Soldier Rd. ~ Fairfield, Idaho 83327
Phone: (208) 764-2472 ~ Fax: (208) 764-9218


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Office & Administration


Jim Cobble

District Clerk

Wendy Strickler

K-12 Principal

Nathan Whittle


Chelsea Tupper


Janet Vouch


Teri Backstrom

Athletic Director

Amy McCabe




Leslie Pine

1st Grade

Tina Uria

2nd Grade

Ginny Ganguet

3rd Grade

Candice Smith

4th Grade

Melissa Doramus

5th Grade

Bridget Smith

JH Language Arts

Michelle Tews

JH Math & Science

Kristie Olsen

JH/HS Social Studies

Randy Jewett

K-12 Physical Ed.

Amy McCabe

K-12 Music

Tami Runyon

JH/HS Ag./Shop

Galen Colter

HS Language Arts

Amy Ballard

HS Math

Michelle Reedy

HS Science & Spanish

Emma Anderson


Instructional Specialists & Support Staff


Library Assistant

Shirley Cobble

Natalie Quinonez

Special Ed. Director

Leslie Stevens

Technology Coordinator

Technology Assistant

John Neely

Bridget Smith

District Paraprofessional

District Paraprofessional

District Paraprofessional

Roxanne Bell

Kaylin Dennis

Lindsey Lee

District Paraprofessional

Kathy Mennenga

District Paraprofessional

District Paraprofessional

Laura Shroyer

Beverly Whittle

Kitchen Manager

Wendy Jewett

Kitchen Assistant

Rhonda McFadyen


Jeff Roebuck


Lisa Mowdy


Bus Drivers

Steve Cox

Scott Marolf

Fred Johnson

Laura Shroyer